Why Section1?

Why Section1

There is always a lot of pressure when it comes to writing the first blog for a new startup. I am simply going to explain the “Why” of Section1, since every great company needs a great “Why”.

Studies show that 50-80% of all IT projects fail. They fail to come in on budget, they fail to come in on time, and they fail to deliver expected value. The challenge for IT leaders is that at the very beginning of a project, when they know the least amount about it, they are expected to develop requirements, pick a solution, select a vendor, and establish a budget. And there is no magic database that they can go to that gives them the information they need to do this effectively. It is like reinventing the wheel every single time and it is no surprise that IT projects have such a high failure rate.

IT projects fail for a variety of reason but the big three are:

  1. Not understanding the requirements
  2. Selecting the wrong solution, or the wrong vendor to implement the solution
  3. Underestimating cost

Section1 is a platform that reduces the risk of IT project failures by connecting IT Leaders with High-Performance Solution Providers. Section1 has a crowd sourced data analysis engine that grows smarter with every project and provides vital information to help IT leaders scope projects, develop requirements, and create a Request For Quote that the Section1 platform matches to the best qualified solution providers, based on their geographic location, company stability, capabilities, and experiences with other customers.

For Solution Providers, Service Providers, and Software Developers, we are an opportunity engine.

For more information about Section1, or information on how you can benefit as an IT Leader or Solution Provider, contact us at operations@section-1.com, or visit our website at www.section-1.com.


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