Simplify IT!

Section1 Simplify IT

We believe that it is time to put the “Information” back into Information Technology. Businesses of all sizes waste too much time, effort, and money on IT projects that never come to fruition. Too many companies miss financial targets. Too many organizations aren’t able to execute upon critical market opportunities. Too many IT careers have been derailed.

Most IT projects fail because of one or more of the following issues:
• Lack of business analysis and requirements
• Poor project management and governance
• Improper fit of solution or vendor
• Lack of Organizational Change Management
• Poor project sponsorship

All of these points of failure can be managed in order to reduce risk and uncertainty with IT projects. Even better – a platform can be developed with the goal of sharing information and reducing risk by managing the reasons why projects fail.

Section1 is on a mission to reduce risk and demystify IT. We are transfering power back to IT leaders by providing them information on products, projects, vendors, and requirements that they cannot get anywhere else. We have developed a data analysis engine that gets smarter with every project. We are changing an industry by challenging the status quo.


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