10 Reasons to become a Section1 Partner


Section1 is an opportunity engine for Solution Providers, Service Providers, and Software Development Companies!

      1. You would like opportunities to come to you instead of burning sales cycles on prospecting.
      2. You would like to demonstrate your value proposition verses having to compete on price alone.
      3. You would like to have clear, documented, customer requirements from the beginning of the engagement.
      4. You would like to do business with companies that might not respond to other marketing initiatives.
      5. You like FREE company exposure! Let’s face it, who doesn’t like free?
      6. You would like to participate in shaping the future of how IT projects get done (Hint: Rand McNally wasn’t looking for a phone to put them out of the map business, and taxi drivers are still in denial about Uber and Lyft. Don’t be a map company)
      7. You like automated sales processes.
      8. You like walking on the wild side of technology.
      9. You want to grow your business.
        Drum roll please…
      10. Section1 costs nothing to join! Enjoy a significant early adopter advantage since competition is limited.


Contact operations@section-1.com for more information on becoming a Section1 partner, or sign up HERE.

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