Staffing-as-a-Service instead of Outsourcing

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Agile development is all about capacity – how many stories can you get through the chicklet engine in a given period, do you push or pull it, and what is your burn-down rate. And whether we are talking application development, infrastructure, database management, etc., sometimes all we need is additional capacity. Cheap capacity. Because that IT budget is not getting any larger for traditional IT due to the rapid diverting of business dollars to digital innovation.

One way to handle this is by augmenting your staff with cheaper offshore or nearshore resources. While completely outsourcing a function is still challenging and is fraught with risk, adding additional capacity with cheap offshore/nearshore resources is a good way to prop up your teams that are struggling with keeping up with demand.

But what if your demands change over time and where you once needed help with software development, now your infrastructure team is struggling? In comes SaaS, Staffing-as-a-Service. Instead of having to go back to the CEO or CFO and ask (fight) for additional funds, wouldn’t it be easier if you could simply switch out your offshore developers for infrastructure or DBA resources as needed for no additional costs? This is Staffing-as-a-Service.

We are probably all getting tired of hearing about “-as-a-Service” acronyms, but Staffing-as-a-Service is no different than SaaS at it’s core. SaaS is popular because you can scale up and down on demand and you sometimes uncover amazing customer experiences. You should expect nothing less from your outsourcing provider and have it written into your contracts. We have been able to uncover a couple of companies who do this well, back it up with a contract, and provide those amazing customer experiences. You should be able to find them as well if you search in the right places, wink – wink!

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