The US Military has Finally Met Their Match in the Overuse of Acronyms – Welcome to the World of Cybersecurity!

The use, and overuse, of acronyms only serves to add to the confusion and complexity surrounding cybersecurity. This can be a real hindrance to having conversations and making presentations to non-cybersecurity practitioners. It can also mean the difference between winning or losing funding for your next big project. Business executive’s eyes glaze over and they quit listening when they are bombarded with tech-speak and acronyms.

We are fighting back by providing a free PDF download of all the top cybersecurity terms, acronyms, and definitions. The next time your CISO wants to talk to you about funding a CASB, tell him to go get his SEG and NGFW fully functional and then you will consider it. Charlie Mike Roger and Out…

Section1 Cybersecurity Terms and Definitions Download


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